Mastering reading, writing, and comprehension of the English language can unlock a future of greater potential through access to better job opportunities. Our vision to Make Indianapolis 100% Literate will give everyone the necessary skills for a greater quality of life. For more information about Indy Reads, call (317) 275-4040 or fill out this online form

Due to our unique model at Indy Reads, our ELL classes offer both highly individualized lesson plans that incorporate the goals of each student and sensory-cognitive instruction, which allows students to progress faster. The same instruction that we provide our literacy students also improves progress with ELL students, especially since English is not a phonetic language. Students attend class 6 hours a week in person or online. An Indy Reads instructor facilitates the overall lesson while trained tutors and AmeriCorps service members work with students in small groups. Tutors enable the instructor to teach at a pace appropriate to each student, rather than being forced to teach to the majority. Class sizes are limited to 20-25 students. The small class size combined with small-group tutoring allows us to provide encouragement and extra support for low-level ELL students who often get lost in the shuffle, including those with learning difficulties. At the same time, we are able to challenge our higher-level students to help them reach their goals faster. When students reach a level 5 in both reading and listening, they are re-tested to determine their eligibility for our HSE Diploma program. Our Student Navigator can also connect students to certification programs or college education programs.