Indy Reads CEO Search

Indy Reads has announced that its Chief Executive Officer, Ryan King, will be transitioning out of the role by year’s end. The Indy Reads Board of Directors will be conducting a robust and inclusive national search for a new Chief Executive Officer. King will remain with the organization throughout the search process.

Indy Reads is currently seeking search consultants and firms to partner with for this important process. A request for proposals (RFP) for executive search services can be found below, with details about requirements, selection criteria, and evaluation included in the document. Those interested in applying for the position of CEO or in nominating others can complete a form at the same page to express interest.

A full press release may be found here.

Now Seeking Proposals

We are interested in partnering with an executive search firm to hire the next CEO of Indy Reads. If you and your firm are interested in being considered for this role, please address the questions below in a three to five page response. Be clear, direct, and as specific as possible in your communication. Answer according to your interpretation of the questions. There are no wrong answers. We want to understand your firm’s approach, philosophy, and experience.

  • What is your process for finding and qualifying candidates?
  • How does your firm build its candidate pool?
  • Who exactly is going to be responsible for the search, and what is that consultant’s current workload?
  • Beyond skills and experience on a resume, how does the firm ensure motivational and cultural fit when identifying qualified candidates?
  • What is the firm’s success rate with candidates?
  • What is the firm’s cost for conducting this search?
  • What is the standard scope of your search (local vs. national)?
  • Please detail out a timeline in which your firm would use during its search. (Proposed hire date – October 2021)
  • How does your firm approach diversity and inclusion in its search?
  • How does your firm incorporate current staff members into the search process?

Please email your responses to by 5pm on Friday, June 25, 2021. You will receive an email as your confirmation of receipt.

Indy Reads Transition Task Force intends to select a few semi-finalists by Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

Interviews with the lead recruiter that would be assigned to Indy Reads will take place between July 6-8, 2021.

A PDF version of the Request for Proposals may be found here.

Nomination Form