Death of the American Mall: Lyric Book Launch


Death of the American Mall: Lyric Book Launch

The Death of the American Mall: A Lyric Book is the centerpiece of a creative movement in Indianapolis. Join us for on June 16th at 7pm for a powerful event showcasing this piece. Register with Eventbrite here.

A collaboration between Remington Hill’s lyrics and Mackenzie Scott Miller’s creative eye, The Death of the American Mall Lyric Book is the centerpiece of a creative movement in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The book fulfills a desire to express and enhance each other’s art by drawing inspiration from one another. We hope the reader is encouraged to contribute to the movement, too.

In this book, you’ll find local visionary creatives, businesses, and nonprofits that have supported a positive change in this city brought about through its own music movement. Each one that supports the project and the creatives involved says that they believe in the power of music to shape a community for good.

“Death of the American Mall” is Remington Hill’s upcoming debut album.

The DOTAM Experience is an in-person, synchronic, creative movement meant to flush new life through Indianapolis via music. Creating this lyric book, handwritten letters, original stage designs, and essential local business partnerships and sponsorships have been some of the ways that Remington Hill and their band & creative team have worked to reject systems that artists are told to live within.

That is what “Death of the American Mall” is about—a sudden understanding that everything changes without us even realizing it. Nothing is certain, and all we can do is carve our own path. Remington Hill’s greatest joy in this project has been empowering an amazing group of individuals to create authentically and push boundaries.

Remington Hill is a performing artist and lyricist. He has written lyrics for artists all around the world but is now focusing on bringing together a creative local community through the power of music. This focus on lyrics that are unifying has formed a movement aligning artists throughout Indianapolis on a single narrative: the Death of the American Mall. He hopes the lyrics you’re about to read spark your curiosity about what the Death of the American Mall means to you.

Mackenzie Scott-Miller is an artist born and raised locally in Indy. While her interests started in fashion and interior design, she’s embraced as many mediums as possible. It’s her hope to bring this creative direction to the DOTAM project. She believes that if art is an extension of who we are that we don’t need to limit ourselves. It is her goal to work alongside other creatives to also bring a vision of herself to light.

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Jun 16 2023


7:00 pm


Indy Reads
1066 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, IN, 46203