Empire of Strings: Jeffrey Lee Book Signing

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Empire of Strings: Jeffrey Lee Book Signing

Join Indy Reads and local author, Jeffrey Lee, for a book signing of his debut novel Empire of Strings: The Space Between Souls on March 25 at 2pm!

The Book

To trace a memory is to look into another’s soul. But souls are dangerous things. Far more dangerous is the power to alter them. Tracers are the foundation of Emilyn’s world. The ability to see into the soul of another and project what is found for all to see has become a staple of what it means to create art in Unity Falls. But souls work in mysterious ways. What is one’s memory is not meant to become another’s tool. When this power is abused, heroes rise. But when the tides of the past threaten to drown the currents of the present, Emilyn will be presented with a choice. What she decides will have ramifications far beyond her as her heritage weaves a web of strings she has only just begun to unravel. Souls work in mysterious ways, and within hers is a spark that will light a path none have ever walked. The path to an empire of strings.

The Author

Jeffrey Lee is a central Indiana debut author who grew up in Mooresville, Indiana and currently lives in Camby. He has lived in the area his entire life and has no current plans of changing that. The small town environment he was raised in definitely played a hand in developing his love for storytelling.

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Mar 25 2023


2:00 pm


Indy Reads
1066 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, IN, 46203