Lindsey Frazier: Oh Love, Come Close

Photo of author, Lindsey Frazier, smiling. She has blonde hair and a gray hoodie on.
Photo of author, Lindsey Frazier, smiling. She has blonde hair and a gray hoodie on.

Lindsey Frazier: Oh Love, Come Close

Join us in welcoming Lindsey Frazier, as she launches her debut memoir with a reading and signing on February 4th at 2pm.

This reading and discussion is suitable for all ages. Signed copies of the books will be available to purchase.

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About the Book

From debut author Lindsey Frazier comes a raw and honest memoir about identity, overcoming trauma, and the sheer beauty that can be found in life if we open ourselves up to love. Volatile, unpredictable, and emotionally charged, Frazier finds that the primary emotion she’s experiencing during the so-called honeymoon phase of marriage isn’t happiness or joy—it’s loss. She can’t shake the feeling that a part of her died the day she got married. Oh Love, Come Close explores the emotional wounds that fragmented a woman’s identity, and the retracing of steps needed to pick up the pieces left behind—her sexuality, spirituality, fidelity, and a complicated past. Frazier unearths her buried wounds and finds that in order to fully live, to fully love and be loved, she has to reclaim all the pieces of herself, no matter how painful they might be.


“Wow, what a memoir! It’s so raw and good and important. The first step in healing is radical honesty. Frazier’s memoir is as honest and healing as they come.” —Jedidiah Jenkins, New York Times best-selling author of To Shake the Sleeping Self and Like Streams to the Ocean

“This is more than a memoir, and it is a stunning memoir. It’s a dramatic tale layered with good story telling. If you have ever wondered, “why”, this book will be a gift. It’s a lesson in not just asking why, but learning how. It’s spell-bounding and humbling. It’s funny and heartbreaking. All the things a good memoir offers.” —Becca Stevens, founder of Thistle Farms, author of Love Heals, and social entrepreneur

“Phew. I found myself consumed while reading this stunning memoir. In it, Lindsey beautifully captures what it means to be wholly human. No fairy-tale beginnings or endings. Just a whole lot of discomfort, perseverance, growth, and joy. Lindsey is a damn good human, and this is a damn good book. Read it immediately, friend. You’ll be glad you did.” —Nick Laparra, host of the Let’s Give A Damn podcast, environmentalist, speaker, and investigative journalist

“A stunning account of life’s twists and turns, Oh Love, Come Close is impossible to put down and will keep you locked in from start to finish. Frazier’s memoir is not only one of the most honest and raw books I’ve read in some time, it is downright inspiring. If only we were all so bold to go back and examine our stories so closely, the world would be a much richer place.” —Leslie Jordan, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and executive director of The Fold

The Author

LINDSEY FRAZIER is an author, a poet, and an advocate. Her writing style is a reflection of the way she lives: full of fierce, unapologetic love and hard-learned truths. She has spent the last decade of her life advocating for those on the margins, from her work in a day center for the homeless to becoming a certified Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and a Victims of Violent Crime Assistant in the local prosecutors’ office. Her conviction to embrace others through an active love is what keeps her awake at night.

Oh Love, Come Close is Lindsey’s first book, but you can find her poetry in Nashville Poets Quarterly and The Fold, both local to Nashville, Tennessee, where she spent fifteen years of her life before returning to her home state of Indiana in 2020. In 2021 she won AAF Nashville’s Co-Copywriter of the Year for a piece titled “Create More” that she co-authored with her husband, Jonathan. Her seven-day devotional, “Oh Love, Come Close: Seven Paths to Healing and Finding Freedom in Christ”—which has over 10K downloads—is available on the popular YouVersion app.

Lindsey lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with her husband and their three children. When she is not at home binge-watching Schitt’s Creek or shuffling kids to their respective extracurricular activities, you’ll most likely find Lindsey sipping wine with a friend, taking her dog Benny on a hike, or dropping her kayak in the water on those warm summer days.

Read more about Lindsey and get in touch with her online at

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Feb 04 2023


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