We are one city. Indianapolis. We are all humans that come from many different walks of life, neighborhoods, suburbs. Our backgrounds, circumstances, and experiences are not the same. But our lives all add value. We provide the city of Indianapolis with its rich story. We're united in one story written by many authors, each of us. We're proud, let's keep writing the story, together.

A Message from the Video Director

I recently read that if you come up with an idea in the shower you know it's a good idea if you can still remember it the next day.

My goal was to create a video that would inspire the Indianapolis community during a time when COVID-19 was sweeping our nation, to fill people with hope though I often found myself feeling hopeless as I walked around with my camera, capturing a desolate Indianapolis I'd never seen before, nor thought I ever would. For about a week and a half I was stuck.

A few things happened that not only helped this video fall into place, but more importantly made me feel hopeful again, which is what I hope the One Story, Many Authors project accomplishes. I want to remind people what hope feels like because I think so many people have forgotten, and understandably so.

The first is that I woke up one morning and it was especially windy, so without thinking I grabbed my camera and went on about a 6 mile walk around the city hoping to capture bags floating in the wind because I've seen American Beauty entirely too many times. That walk was therapeutic, and most of the footage from the video was taken from that day.

The second is the day I went to people's homes to get a photo of them in their doorways or on their porches. The interactions were physically distant and brief, but the feeling of connectedness was palpable. We are all in this together, and when I say "we" I mean the entire world. I can now say I've met people I may have never met before because of what we are going through. If nothing else, I am thankful to have made new friends.

The third, and final, is the night I was standing in the shower when suddenly I envisioned myself opening up a copy of Indy Writes Books to reveal what our city currently looks like, to point out that not only is this one of our city's chapters, but that we are all responsible for the writing of it. The moment I had that idea, I knew I would remember it the next day.  -Adam Ramsey |

Share Your Story with Us

Have a story about working a rewarding job? Recovering from Coronavirus? Surviving a loss? Saving someone's life?  Raising a child? A pet child? Losing a job? Getting an award? Funny encounter? Thoughts about life? We want to hear from everyone and every prospective! We'd be honored to include you in our story. Share your story with us and we'll try to feature you in our upcoming social media and blog features.

A New Chapter

Indy Reads is about to write a new chapter of its own in our city's story. In 2020 we will be saying goodbye to our original bookstore location on Mass Avenue and will be moving to Fountain Square. For the first time in our history, our adult literacy program staff, development, and administration staff will be co-located with the bookstore staff and our retail operation.

Support adult literacy and community programming for all by donating to our One Story, Many Authors campaign. Make your mark and leave your legacy by strengthening our community by investing in 100% literacy for all.