Adults seeking to improve their reading or English language skills to achieve personal life goals have the option to receive instruction and tutoring from AmeriCorps WorkLiteracy Coaches and volunteer tutors in our Foundations Classrooms. Some adults engage with Indy Reads who are retired or have earned a high school diploma, however, they still find it difficult to read everyday materials such as, but not limited to, street signs, health documents, religious texts, newspapers, or children’s homework. They are seeking help to improve their reading and comprehension skills to improve their ability to function independently in life or break the cycle of illiteracy within their family. 

For over 30 years, Indy Reads has promoted literacy to families and adults in Central Indiana. We believe that literacy is the foundation for success. Our vision to Make Indianapolis 100% Literate will give everyone the necessary skills for a greater quality of life. For more information about Indy Reads, call (317) 384-1496 or fill out this online form.

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