Student Yearbook ’20-’21


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What a Year!

The Indy Reads Class of ’20-’21 didn’t look like any of our other classes, which typically take place in community classrooms around Indianapolis and Marion County. Along with the rest of the world, we went totally virtual – and our students thrived!

Since the launch of our High School Equivalency Program in July 2020, nine of our students have passed their HSE exams and earned their High School Diplomas. Over the course of the program year, Indy Reads is proud to have worked with over 183 adult students. We continue to be inspired by the Class of ’20-’21 and cannot wait to see what’s next!

Indy Reads Class of ’20-’21

*Class Photos reflect only students present for Picture Day in May 2021.

Cindy’s Morning ELL Class: 

Cindy (Instructor), Anna (AmeriCorps WorkLiteracy Coach), Ellie (Volunteer), Maria (Volunteer), Iana, Lawng, Swe, Par, Nei Nei, Adriana, Arlen, Glory, Luz, Deya, Flor, Kimte.

Paul’s Morning ELL Class: 

Paul (Instructor), Macy (AmeriCorps WorkLiteracy Coach), Maria, Meylin, Anne (Volunteer), Maria, Olimpia, Say Ku, Vicky, Jose, Sam (AmeriCorps WorkLiteracy Coach), Melody, Tan, Veronica, Mercedes, Antoine.

Morning HSE Class: 

Olga, Kelsey (AmeriCorps WorkLiteracy Coach), Camille (AmeriCorps WorkLiteracy Coach), Yoko, Jessica.

Sarika’s Morning Pre-HSE Class:

Da’aron, Andrew (AmeriCorps WorkLiteracy Coach), Jodi, Andrea (Volunteer), Georgia (AmeriCorps WorkLiteracy Coach), Gary, Cassie, Carla, Rebecca, Sarika (Instructor), Michael, Nandi, Jeff, Michelle.

Sarika’s Evening Pre-HSE Class:

Kim (Volunteer), Joe (AmeriCorps WorkLiteracy Coach), Jesse, Tony, Erendida, Macy (AmeriCorps WorkLiteracy Coach), Sarika (Instructor), Julieth.

Cindy’s Evening ELL Class: 

Cindy (Instructor), Sam (AmeriCorps WorkLiteracy Coach), Elaine, Camille (AmeriCorps WorkLiteracy Coach), Maria (Volunteer), Lidia, Elif, Elsie, Jamilatou.

Lauren’s Evening ELL Class: 

Lesly, Lauren (Instructor), Jesus Jose, Jamie (Volunteer), Maria, Joe (AmeriCorps Workliteracy Coach), Anna (Americorps WorkLiteracy Coach), Claudia, Carlos, Anna, Elizabeth, Denny, Dalila. 

David’s Evening HSE Class: 

Nicol, Andrew (AmeriCorps WorkLiteracy Coach), David (Instructor), Jasleen, Mercy, Annalia (AmeriCorps WorkLiteracy Coach), Ifeanyi.