Meet Dawt: IndyGo’s Student of the Month!

Many of our students realize that reading, speaking and understanding English is important to many facets of their lives. For them, coming to Indy Reads to build their language skills is about changing their lives in ways that help their children grow and their families thrive. This month’s IndyGo Student of the Month, Dawt Sung, […]

Meet our IndyGo Student of the Month – Cleon!

Cleon Indy GO SOM

Students in our Community Classrooms come from a variety of backgrounds and bring their own experiences and perspectives with them. These perspectives contribute to the diverse community environment that make our classrooms unique. This month’s IndyGo Student of the Month, Cleon Bell, brings happiness and optimism to class every week. Cleon grew up in Jamaica, […]

Meet Candace: Building a Brighter Future with Literacy!


Cyclical poverty is a burden far too many of our students have had to endure. All too often, circumstances far, far beyond our students’ control leave them without the education they need to pursue the opportunities — college, a reliable job, access to healthcare — many of us enjoy. This month’s IndyGo Student of the […]

Meet November’s IndyGo Student of the Month: Halima

Halima 375×500

Halima came to Indy Reads after spending years and years moving from place to place. At the age of 13, she fled her home country of Algeria thanks to an arranged marriage. She was taken to France and promised an education and a brighter future, but was immediately put to work instead. Over the following […]

Meet October’s IndyGo Student of the Month – Bethny!

Bethny came to Indy Reads after having fled oppression and a lack of opportunities in her native Burma. Her father came to America first, and worked hard to bring Bethny and her five brothers and sisters afterward. Together, the family has struggled through learning cultural differences and being “outsiders” in the United States. Bethny made […]

Meet September’s IndyGo Student of the Month: Christina!

Indianapolis native Christina attended Pike High School’s special education program. The program served many students with a wide range of special needs and taught necessary life skills such as grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, and basic arithmetic. However, there were simply not enough resources to meet each student’s individual needs and literacy skills were not the […]