Let’s Talk About the COVID Vaccine

For several months now, Indy Reads has been a part of the COVID Vaccine Acceptance Coalition. This movement is aimed at having the discussion about what vaccinations are available, what the concerns of our community are, and exchanging vital information surrounding the resources available to all of our community members.


Right now, more than ever, it is important to get the correct information so that we can all make an educated decision on whether to get the vaccine or not. With three different vaccines now authorized for emergency use in the United States, we know that making the right choice for you and your family can be a little daunting. Indy Reads is committed to empowering our students, our staff, and our community by making factual information readily available, so that you have the space to make your own informed decisions.


Ashlee Weaver, a community organizer with the United Way of Central Indiana, put it best, “This is not something you have to decide on your own. You don’t have to depend on the opinions of your family. You don’t have to depend on what you saw on Facebook or other social media. There are people out here that are willing to talk about it.”


We are so grateful for the Indiana Region of the American Red Cross for putting together these videos discussing COVID vaccinations:






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