Advance your career with free workforce certifications and skills classes for adults

Take your career to the next level. Just five to six hours a week for nine weeks can set you apart from other job seekers—and it is completely free!

Indy Reads offers two online job certification courses

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Customer Service Certification

This certification prepares students for retail and customer-facing jobs through a blend of online and in-person classes.

More about Customer Service Certification
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Paraprofessional Certification

This certification prepares people to work with children as a credentialed school professional.

More about Paraprofessional Certification
  • Earning credentials through Indy Reads is a great option to build your resume and job interview skills.
  • It can help set you apart from other candidates in today’s competitive job market.
  • Increase your chances of getting that new job or promotion by expanding your credentials and qualifications.

Questions about either of our job certification courses?

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