Meet Candace: Building a Brighter Future with Literacy!

Cyclical poverty is a burden far too many of our students have had to endure. All too often, circumstances far, far beyond our students’ control leave them without the education they need to pursue the opportunities — college, a reliable job, access to healthcare — many of us enjoy. This month’s IndyGo Student of the […]

cooking confidence workshop

Cooking with Confidence

One of my ongoing goals is to increase my cooking skills and eventually become a great cook. Learning how to cook is a great way to improve and maintain your health, save money, and try new dishes to challenge your taste buds and expand your palate. In college, I figured that I had to learn […]


A Taste of El Salvador

Do you know where the highest concentration of Salvadoran immigrants live in Indianapolis? If you guessed the Crooked Creek neighborhood near Michigan Road, you’re correct! I learned the answer last week at a free Lunch and Learn presentation on the country of El Salvador at the Michigan Road Library branch. The event series is a […]


Indy Reads Announces New Certification Programs

We’re expanding our commitment to supporting adult learners by providing free of charge customer service job certification classes! Indy Reads’ mission is to build literacy, English language, and job readiness skills to empower adults and families to reach their full potential. A dual focus on literacy education and job readiness programs helps us to educate […]

Silence Your Inner Critic: Write a book in 30 days

Writing the first draft of a novel is like playing with finger paints: messy, colorful and fun. Painting with our instinct, creating images of whatever we fancy without worrying what the grown-ups will say, allows us to find our voice, get to know our characters, and allow the story to unfold. While the Inner Critic […]

We’re Grateful for Stories Like Khalil’s

This Thanksgiving, We’re Grateful for You! Khalil is a student in Indy Reads’ English Language Learners (or ELL) classroom. Khalil and his classmates — all of them seeking a brighter future and a second chance in America — learn and develop their English reading, writing, and speaking skills together, and build up an incredible community in the […]